Turn your science into business

The rapid advances in elucidation of life mechanisms, improvement of analytical techniques, and data conversion in recent years have made it clear that biotechnology and healthcare will have a significant impact on the socioeconomic environment in the near future, as was the case with IT in the past. Researchers and engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset will play a key role.

In order to give back to society, it is essential to collaborate not only with researchers, but also with companies, universities, government, and investors. By forming an ecosystem with these parties, Open Network Lab BioHealth will support the commercialization of biotechnology and healthcare business.

Target Fields Include:

Drug Discovery, Drug Discovery Support, Digital Medicine, Medical Devices, Health Information Management, Preventive Care, Nursing Care, Healthcare Service, Healthcare Data Analytics, Food, Agriculture, Synthetic Biology, Chemical/​Materials,​ etc.
*We also welcome IT/data-based biotech/healthcare businesses.

Full support to commercialize ideas/technologies and
to survive the “Valley of Death”

This seed accelerator program specializes in the biotechnology and healthcare fields where innovations are expected under the influence of the IT revolution. It will utilize the strengths of the IT business, investment, and startup development knowledge that Digital Garage has acquired over the years.

Applications are open to researchers, engineers, or entrepreneurs with high technical capabilities, promising research results, or business plans. We will provide full support for four and a half months by providing up to 10 million yen in activity funds per startup, free incubation space (office and wet laboratory), mentoring from experts and senior entrepreneurs in Japan and overseas, and final presentation (Demo Day) to find funding sources and joint research partners.

Participation Benefits


Participants who wish to be funded during the program will be provided with funding for daily expenses during the program. The amount is up to 10 million yen, depending on the status of the product or service and the company.
*In order to receive seed funding during the program period, applicants will need to apply as a corporation or incorporate during the program period.

IT Area Support

Participants can receive advice from DG Lab’s globally active engineers in the Blockchain, AI, and VR/AR field. Participants can improve the quality of their business by receiving support and advice from a perspective unique to company-affiliated engineers.

Specialized Area Support

Mentors from fields such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, foods, chemicals, and fitness companies can provide informative advice on starting a business.
This program will support your business by forming an ecosystem with leading companies that are not easily accessible to startups.

Management Strategy Support

In addition to receiving advice from the Digital Garage Group’s investment teams and Open Network Lab members who have accelerated 16 batches of startups in the past 8 years, participants can also receive advice on their company’s financial strategies from investors and incubators in both Japan and abroad.


By interacting with other participants and senior entrepreneurs, participants will be able to discuss issues and receive feedback. This program can also support overseas expansion with Digital Garage’s global network.


We offer free incubation centers in Tokyo (Work Styling Yaesu) and in Kamakura. We also provide space in the U.S. (San Francisco) during the program.

Wet Lab

For startups selected for this program who are interested in using wet lab spaces, we provide theShonan Health Innovation Park (iPark)free of charge during the program. However, please note that participants are expected to cover costs of reagents, particular experimental equipments and so on. Please contact us for details.


We offer benefits that you can use in all areas, including opening a bank account, accounting, cloud storage, and recruiting.

Open Network Lab BioHealth Special Offers

Open Network Lab BioHealth offers special discounts and plans for various services that startups often use to better focus on developing and growing their products. We encourage Onlab teams to use our Partnered Programs ranging from infrastructure, analytics, recruiting, to HR management (services will be added and removed on an as-need basis).

  • aws
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Mobingi
  • Should Bee
  • Sider
  • Qiita Teamム
  • Repro
  • Mixpanel
  • Prott
  • Callconnect
  • Chatwork
  • PrTImes
  • Freee
  • SmartHR
  • Aviators
  • Toreru
  • Gemstone
  • Justa
  • Wantedly
  • CareerBaito
  • AMBI
  • Stripe
  • econtext
  • Veritrans
  • Innoventure


  1. May 23 (Wed)

    Applications Open

  2. July 8 (Sun)

    Early Bird Deadline*

  3. July 31 (Tues)

    Applications Deadline

  4. Mid-August

    Selection Meeting including Presentation
    (only for startups that have passed the screening process)

  5. Late August

    Notification of Application Results

  6. September 3 (Mon)

    Program starts

    – 2019
  7. January 16 (Wed)

    Demo Day

*Applicants who applied by the Early Bird Deadline may be given feedback on their application.
Thus, the application can be brushed up and re-submitted by July 31 (Tues).

Participation Requirements

  • Corporatio​n/team/ind​ividual​ engaged in biotechnology/healthcare business
    (We especially welcome projects using IT and data).
    *We also welcome applicants based in universities.

  • Those who want to build a business based on research results, patents, and creative ideas
    (If research results or patents will be used, the applicant must have the rights to use them in their business, or they must obtain these rights during the course of the program.)

  • Persons with the skills to produce prototypes or achieve a certain level of business progress during the program (four and a half months) and demonstrate results.

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