Comments from Partners

Asahi Kasei Pharma Corporation

Asahi Kasei Pharma contributes to health and quality of life through the development of products that address unmet medical needs and the provision of pharmaceuticals and diagnostic products in accordance with changing patient needs. We look forward to startups’ proposals to provide innovative solutions for various issues by fusing healthcare and other fields through Onlab BioHealth.


Bayer believes that innovation is not just about a technological revolution, but is about bringing new values in a different way. We look forward to work on various collaborations with startups in the healthcare and digital fields, promoting innovation that contributes to a better life for patients.


Daiichi Sankyo’s mission is “To contribute to the enrichment of quality of life around the world”. We believe that new values in the healthcare field can be provided to larger population with the chemical reaction between your breakthrough technology and our business experiences. Why not collaborate for patients’ happiness?


We believe that it is possible to provide more comfortable lifestyle for the consumers self-medicated with over-the-counter drugs for symptoms such as cold, headache, stomatitis, etc. To achieve this, we seek the ways to support patients through utilization of daily data such as climate and personal health records, and to provide an ambient situation as an immediate response. We look forward for the service plans and ideas around self-care that’s accessible and effortless.

Eisai Co., Ltd.

Eisai is working on providing solutions that improve access to medicine and make a holistic contribution to healthcare, such as prevention, treatment and ongoing care. The solutions for dementia are signigicantly important since dementia is recognized as a global issue. Eisai looks forward that startups to create innovative business solutions such as early diagnosis for improving human health and solving issues around dementia.

House Foods Group Inc. All rights reserved.

The area of ​​food and agriculture are frontiers in business innovations. House Foods Group believes that we are able to solve customers’ issues and provide values by new methods combining food/agriculture and technology. We also want to design and generate new food businesses from combined resources in-and-out of the group to create new value base of “Healthy Life Through Foods”. We expect to collaborate with startups in this process near future.

Japan Tobacco Inc.

Through the evolution of a wide variety of technologies, the paradigm of healthcare will be intensively transformed in this century. JT wish to contribute to the improvement of people’s life in this new healthcare paradigm, mainly by the small molecule drug discovery. We look forward to meet startups with innovative technologies and ideas.

Kyowa Kirin Co., Ltd.

Kyowa Kirin holds four modalities including: antibody technology, which is our core technology; small molecules; nucleic acids; regenerative medicine. We are eagerly pursuing new technologies as well. It might be difficult to make achievements by each of the pharmaceutical company and startups alone, but we can set new values together by colliding our originalities, collaborate and realize outputs that are not additive but synergistic. We would love to meet the startups who are willing to build this kind of relationship.

Life Science Innovation Network Japan, Inc.

In order to promote open innovation, we intend to provide broad support for startups which may use our platform.

Meiji Holdings Co., LTD

The Meiji Group aims to be the world-class industry leader in the “health and prevention field” where the market is expected to expand. For that goal, we consolidate and utilize cutting-edge knowledge and technology, also providing new health values through promoting open innovation. We look forward to creating new health value with you to achieve this goal.

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation

Our company is focusing on “Performance Products”, “Industrial Materials” and “Health Care”. We expect to collaborate with startups who propose healthcare solutions to address QOL improvement or reduction of economic burden through approaching “Around the Pill” and “Beyond the Pill” in a space where Performance Products, Industrial Materials and Health Care overlap each other.

Mitsubishi Corporation

Leveraging life-science technologies in terms of taste, health and beauty, we would like to contribute to enhancing people’s QOL and solving social problems including stable food supply and medical costs reduction. We look forward to meeting with startups developing unique advanced business-models and technologies around food and health, especially in the area of functional materials, alternative proteins and digital health.

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation

We hope that this accelerator program enables us to draw up innovative business models for solving the global issues by generating new business through combinations in the broader fields than the healthcare and medical. We are looking forward for ideas of startups that will bring institutional innovations.


We look forward to meet innovators pursuing not only in the health care area such as health mentenance and “mi-byo” improvement, but also who induce a paradigm shift in the food, agriculture and fisheries industries.

Olympus Corporation

There are various social issues such as population aging, increased number of patients, aging of infrastructures and so on. To challenge those issues and realize a healthier, more secure, and safer society, we would like to work together with our partners. We will generate innovative answers for the future utilizing limitless imagination and borderless team work.


Ono Pharmaceutical has been contributing to the health of patients through innovative drugs. We dedicated to contribute to our health and try to create valuable solutions. We believe that Onlab BioHealth will be a valuable opportunity for all of us who work to realize the shared goal.

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc.

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc. (“SJNKI”) is a P&C insurance company under SOMPO Holdings, inc. SOMPO Holdings, we aim to realize a “theme park for the security, health, and wellbeing of customers” with the slogan “Innovation for Wellbeing”. SJNKI will proactively support the development of technologies that contribute to customer’s security, health, and wellbeing. It’s high time to hold hands together in order to solve social issues.

Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma

Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma is a pharmaceutical company focused on research in Psychiatry & Neurology, Oncology, and Regenerative Medicine & Cell Therapy. Based on our wealth of knowledge from these pharmaceutical businesses, we also aim to provide new value that can contribute to people’s health in areas other than pharmaceuticals by using digital technologies, devices, etc. We look forward to collaboration with startups who can share our visions.

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

We are excited to join this accelerator and meet not only the opportunity of delivering treatment for patients who have not yet reached by the existing drug discovery approach, but also ideas and business models that will lead to provide new approach for disease progression control and health promotion.


Welby is a leading company in Personal Health Record (PHR) services with the mission of “Empower the Patients”. In order to realize patient-centered medical care together, we hope to meet research and business which have the potential to change the existing medical care model.