About Applications

Yes. However, you must either own or have the ability to establish business rights to the research results and patents included in your project plan.

Yes. However, you will not be eligible to receive seed funds unless you incorporate during the program period. Should you choose to incorporate, we also offer corporate registration support.

Applications submitted before July 8 (Sun) will be eligible to receive preselection brush-up tips and feedback on their project plans. Applicants are also allowed to resubmit their refined presentation by July 31(Tues), which may increase their chances of selection.

No. All applicants will be judged on the same criteria regardless of application timing. Early Bird applicants, however, may have the benefit of receiving preselection feedback which may increase their chances of selection.

Yes. You do not have to fully commit, however, there are mandatory events that you will have to attend. Also, to get the most out of the program we recommend that you be present as much as possible.

Digital Garage, their related parties and Onlab Bio partners will have access to applications during the selection process.
For this reason, please do not include highly confidential information in your application, such as source code, chemical structural formula, genome sequence, or other technical information that is at the core of your business.
Highly confidential information should not be disclosed throughout the period of application, selection, or program participation unless given with consent, on the request of Digital Garage and/or related third parties.

Yes. However, you will be subjected to the same requirements as other applicants, which is to develop a prototype or achieve a certain degree of progress by the end of the program so it can be presented in front of an audience. For this reason, we strongly advise you to apply as a team.

Yes. However, if you are a minor you will be required parental or legal guardian consent.


Yes, as long as you are able to communicate in English.

Our staff will translate if necessary. However, if you wish to discuss highly confidential information during the mentoring sessions, please arrange a private translator or use some other means of translation.

Yes. However, due to the limited time we can provide each team during the interview process, you will need to talk about each service within a fixed amount of time. Therefore, the time to promote and appeal each service will be shortened.

We welcome all companies, whether or not they have raised money.

We plan to open applications in the summer of 2019. However, the conditions and themes may be subject to change.

There are no set requirements, but feel free to use this sample presentation as reference. As a general example, information included in the sample is often found in these types of presentations.
Sample PDF

About Selection

We can interview in either Japanese or English.

No, not all team members have to participate provided that those who are chosen are able to describe the service and answer any questions that may be asked.

Yes. However, we ask that each team limits participants to three members.

No, you do not need to prepare hard copy handouts.

No, we do not give feedback on application results.

Yes, please use the slides you submitted. If you update your material, please notify the staff and re-submit the presentation at the time of the screening process. We also ask that you use your updated slides for your selection presentation.

About the program

As long as you can participate in the required programs, participants do not have to be in Tokyo during the entire program period. You can participate in mentoring sessions and seminars remotely.

The program is free of charge. During the program, the office and wet lab space will also be provided free of charge.

We ask that teams refrain from joining multiple programs so that they can focus on one program and not mix up priorities/tasks. However, if you have already decided to participate in more than one program, please consult the staff beforehand.

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