Introducing Onlab Bio Class of 2018

Open Network Lab BioHealth (Onlab Bio) has started its program on Sept 3rd and is excited to announce its Class of 2018.
We received a large number of applications from Japan and other countries. The teams in this class all went through a rigorous document screening and pitch selection process held by Digital Garage Group and Onlab Bio’s 22 partner companies/organizations.

United Immunity, Co., Ltd.
Combined cancer immunotherapy to overcome refractory cold tumor

ERISA Co., Ltd.
Program to predict the progress of Alzheimer’s disease from brain MR image

Mealthy Inc.
Diet support app to prevent diabetes and dialysis

Team Stuttering VR
Training VR for stuttering symptom

Demo Day will be held on Jan 16th, 2019, where startups will pitch their progress through Onlab Bio.
Please stay tuned for future updates.