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Open Network Lab BioHealth – Application Closed

Application Guidelines

Applications Open
AUG 31
Early Bird Deadline*
Applications Deadline
Early to Mid-OCT
Document Screening
Early NOV
Interview (only for those who have passed the document screening)**
Early DEC
Pitch Selection (only for those who have passed the interview)**
Notification of Selection Results, Investment Adjustment
Late DEC
Program Orientation

*Applicants who applied by the Early Bird Deadline may be given feedback on their application. Thus, the application can be brushed up and re-submitted by September 30.
**Can participate in a video conference.

Terms of participation
  • Corporation/team/individual engaged in biotechnology/healthcare business (We also welcome IT/data-based biotech/healthcare businesses).
  • If research results, patents or other intellectual property rights will be used, the applicant must have the rights to use them in their business, or they must obtain these rights during the course of the program and shall not infringe the rights of any third party.
  • Persons who are able to participate in contents such as lectures, mentoring and regular meetings held in Tokyo during the program period. (Contents scheduled to be held on weekdays. About 10 hours/week. Can also participate in a video conference.) And persons with the skills to produce prototypes or achieve a certain level of business progress during the program and demonstrate results.
  • If an unincorporated team or individual wishes to receive funding, the company will need to be incorporated during the program. In addition, when receiving investments, teams will need to sign a separate investment contract.
  • During the program, if you are considering a business alliance with or receive investments from a third party, the information must be shared in advance with Digital Garage to enable appropriate support under the program. If Digital Garage deems necessary, you must discuss with Digital Garage.
  • Your team’s activities may be posted on the Open Network Lab BioHealth’s official website and on the various media held by the Digital Garage.
  • Other obligations, such as participation guidelines and application procedures, must be complied with. In addition, you shall agree to the terms of participation provided by the Digital Garage separately.
  • The participating individuals, the members of the team, their relatives, stakeholders, are not a part of antisocial forces, and that they do not have any relation with antisocial forces.

*Nationality, age, and gender will not affect your application. However, you must be legally qualified to stay in Japan during the program.
*For minors, parental or legal guardian consent is required.

About the Application
  • Please fill in all of the required information in a concise manner.
  • Please do not include highly confidential information about your business in your application, such as source code, structural formula of compounds, gene sequence information, or other technical information that is the core of your business. Additionally, such highly confidential information should not be disclosed throughout the period of application, selection and program participation unless given with consent, on the written request of Digital Garage, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Digital Garage”), its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as “Digital Garage Group”), parters, mentors or other cooperation organization (hereinafter referred to as “Operational Personnel”).
  • Inquiries about the progress of the selection process cannot be answered.
  • Please note that your results will be delivered to you about a month after the application period is closed.

Company and Business

Please enter N/A if not incorporated.
Please enter N/A if undecided.
Please enter N/A if unavailable.

Please explain briefly ”what” and "how" your projects and services solve

Why do people with issues use your technology and service instead of existing alternatives?
Please enter patent number if available
Please enter link of your research paper if it is openly accessible.



*Please fill the full-time member profile (maximum 3 people).

Member 1

Member 2

Member 3


Handling Personal Information and Applications

Applications, including personal information, will be provided to (1) Digital Garages Group, (2) Operational Personnel, and (3) those involved in the implementation of the project when commercialized through Open Network Lab BioHealth.

Purpose of use

  • For contacting during the selection and other related-procedures.
  • Office/wet lab and seminar/mentoring arrangements for program operation.
  • Distribution of e-mail magazines for the purpose of providing information to those who are interested.
  • For supporting and providing other necessary services

*Personal information of customers shall be used for purpose 1 and 2 of Handling Personal Information.
*EU applications will be collected, used, and managed in accordance with EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016.

Personal Information provided shall not be provided to any third party other than those listed in the preceding paragraph without the prior approval of the applicant.

Application for the 2nd batch has closed. Thank you.